If you are a writer, a freelancer is the best choice ever. It's the same as you’re running a business. Many freelancers in their first stage have no idea about the gig. Freelance writers are the same don’t know how to charge per word and how many clients can take.

It is not hard to understand. You need some information about it. If you’re performing better, it makes sense to make more money with your writing skills.

If you are the same as I am, you should start your career as a freelancer. But you need to read about the best book to the best entrepreneurs to understand business skills in this field. Mentioned below are the best books which give advice related to business.

  1. What I Talk About When I Talk About Running By Haruki Murakami

This book’s title is inspired by the book what we talk when we talk about love by Raymond carver. It is written about marathons and ultra-marathons. This book teaches you about the discipline and principles in your life. I have learned so many things from this book about running and achieving your goals with dignity. It gives a lesson to the writer as a freelance, disciplined, and time management.

You should read this book once in your life to become a successful writer. As a freelancer, this book teaches you to need to be patient and diligent while writing.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T. Kiyosaki

It is written in 1997 by an American businessman. He wrote about the rich and poor dads and what they teach to their children about money. I agree with his thoughts. This book teaches you about the earning money is important or not.  

This book is described to raise two different upbringings. It teaches you the same thing and it is up to you to pick one which satisfies you. When you start as a freelancer, you should also think the same way as Robert T. Kiyosaki thinks.

  1. Shoe Dog By Phil Knight

This is an autobiography of Nike’s founder Phil Knight. We all know about the Nike brand but not its story. This book teaches you the life lesson about Phil Knight. You will learn after reading the book how to become a business tycoon in the shoe industry. It is a big challenge for you. Same as the writer you have to face challenges at every stage.

This book teaches you to accept the challenge and grow in your career as a writer. Read this book and be ready to take on challenges as a freelancer.

  1. How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie

It is written in 1936 by Dale Carnegie. This book teaches you so many things related to your life. As a freelancer or a business person, you should also learn such things from this book.

  • It helps to win friends and influenced them by your thoughts

  • It helps to increase your earning power

  • It helps to avoid arguments

  • Growing your writing skills

This is amazing and teaches you about mental health. If you hadn’t read this book, go and get it to improve your writing methods.

  1. John Fetzer: on a handshake by Dan Ewald

This book is about sports and handles the situation of the players. He tells in this book about John Fetzer who was the owner of the Detroit Tiger’s baseball team. It teaches you about success and humility.

John Fetzer gained full ownership of the Tiger Baseball Team. It helps to increase your writing skills professionally. Read this book once and get some new skills.

You should learn from these books and grow your career as a freelancer. It helps to become an owner of your gigs.  

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