There are lots of people who are willing to write, make a URL website but don’t have any clue about coding language. Also, coding is quite tough when you start to learn from the institute. You can learn at what cost you don’t have left time for writing so you will deny writing.

Here is the solution, the WordPress app that provides you a platform to write. WordPress is for writers who do not have any knowledge of coding. You can write here and upload it on Google. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management method written in PHP. It is also paired with an MYSQL or MariaDB database. It is a popular source for the content maker without getting any clue of coding language.

It has a lot of features including writing, photography, videography, and many more. You can download this through the play store and the iPhone apps store. It is popular and recommended by 52+ countries.

How long has it been around?

Waordpress was created in 2003 as a standalone projects. It is an open-source so there are many contributors has been contributed. It was a collaboration between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Matt Mullenweg is the only face of wordpress and he is also the founder of automatic. It was only for blog in 2003 but now it has broad its area.

Why WordPress is so popular?

Let’s get collect some information about WordPress by its popularity. Read the following details.


It is free to download and can use without paying money. It is the most important and adoring thing to use for free. In fact, after your popularity on WordPress, you will be paid and awarded.

Flexible and customizable

 WordPress has many features from blogging to creating a content online portfolio. WordPress also invites community developers. It is highly flexible and customizable to work with.

Scalable platform

It can handle websites of any size as long as the web hosting plan has the existing resources. You do need not migrate to a different platform when you have WordPress.

Easy to use

Its features are easy to operate. Yes, compared to using coding is hard to code and there is a lot of methodical ways to code. In coding, there are many technical methods to use to make beautiful, unique, and fully functional websites. WordPress provides you with all of these things to make content to reach maximum people.

What type of website you can make with the help of WordPress?

WordPress is designed for creating blogs, vlogs, content makers, etc. There are many websites to create an E-Commerce store. Mentioned below are the best website you can make with the help of WordPress is free.

·         Business websites

·         Ecommerce stores

·         Resumes

·         Forums

·         Portfolios

·         Membership sites

·         Social Networks

You have seen two websites and Let's understand the difference between and

·         It is often called self-hosted WordPress.

·         It is free to download and use for the content that you want to make. 

·         You can install it in your web host to create a website.

·         It creates 100% of your website

·         It is created by different from each other.

·         It is a paid service for profit

·         It is simple to use as

·         You can lose flexibility and customizable 

Make it easier with Workdeed

WordPress is designed for building sites easier and Workdeed was created for making everything simpler. So the two platforms are teammates for you to help.

Workdeed and WordPress save your time while performing a full-time job. They help to make fast your work and get yourself paid at home. They both focused on your career success to grow your earnings and become professional freelancers.