We all need inspiration quotes in our life to take a step forward in our career growth. There are a lot of things you can do to motivate yourself with the help of motivational lines. You can hire a freelance motivational speaker who will help you to give thunder to you for the work you want to do. You can find many motivational speakers in India such as Sandeep Maheshwari, Raj Shamani, and many more.

You can get mood boards in your home to get yourself motivated. It is important to fuel our creativity when we are working on projects. Mood boards will help in visual inspiration for the work.

What is a mood board?

A mood board is a concept for visual inspiration to show your creativity flowing for a variety of projects. It includes images, quotes with different fonts, colors, typography, and design elements. You can decorate your room with the help of these design elements.

Mood board fashion is trending because you will see these creators in every home architecture, is also getting into it. You have seen this in many offices, restaurants, caffeine, etc.

You need to make mood boards try with different elements to join and draw your creativity on the wall.

Going digital or physical with your mood board

A physical mood board is one you create by printing out the images, cutting them, or hanging them on the wall with your creativity. You can use newspapers, books, or magazines to cut them to create mood boards. You will feel great when you start creating mood boards. It will be fun to get out your glue, scissors, markers, and lots of colors to hang creative mood boards on the wall.

You can create digital mood boards with various types of ideas. You only need a Smartphone or computer system where you can see mood boards live which you can share or edit with your friends.

Physical or digital both are interesting to inspire by mood boards but you can make them unique and creative. The design is up to you to create attractive mood boards.

Now learn how to design mood boards

Whether you choose physical or digital mood boards you need to collect those elements and images you want to use in them. If you are interested in digital mood boards you need appropriate computer software or online software such as Canva, Picmonkey, Befunky, and many more.  

If you are willing to make a physical mood board get markers, lots of paint colors, papers, scissors, glue, and many more things. Use these items to draw creative mood boards that inspire and motivate you every time.

Decide on a theme and layout

If you are creating a mood board for your client’s project, you have to collect more information about them. These clients have their ideas to make mood boards.

First, you should make a clear idea about it. Get a whiteboard to attach every image of the related product to it to see how it looks. After this create the final one for the client.

Add your design elements

Once you have decided on the layout and theme, you can start adding all your designs elements. Adjust all of them to make it attractive and unique.

Some elements to consider


Color palettes


Typography pairs


Pictures or images

If you feel not attracted to your final mood board step back and think twice to adjust them again. If you are still not satisfied repeat the same process and make it cool.

Online sharing mood boards

Once you are satisfied you can share your mood boards online with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Or you can share this on social media to get clients who will provide a project to make a mood board. It is the best source of earning with using your skills.