Spring is finally here! The best season is the spring season because in this season flowers bloom and snowmelt. This is the best season I have ever felt.

A physical workspace or digital workspace is equally important as getting rid of the clutter. This spring you will want to get rid of old files and set up an automated system to avoid repetitive tasks. Update your client contact information so you can run your business smoothly to the next year.

Learn to achieve a clean workspace for freelancers. Following are the best way to manage your physical and digital workspace this spring.

Get Rid of the Clutter

You need to organize your physical workspace.  Collect phones, files, and all your gadgets and put them in one corner. The next step takes a dry mop to clean your desks, polish your tables, and clean your furniture. Arrange these files as they should never spread in the future.

Put pens, pencils, and markers in the stencils box those are spread on the table.  It is important to clean your workspace because makes you more productive at work.

The best way to get rid of clutter is to make your files digital. Scan the documents to save all the data on the phone. Instead of printing and signing contracts, deal with digital methods so important files stay available anytime and anywhere.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Computer Files

These may include blogs, graphics, codes, and many more files that are no longer needed. Images and drafts for blog posts that have been already posted and graphics already launched no need to keep in the computer system. Delete these items from your computer system.

Spring cleaning is the best time to remove those items you will never need to work on again. It is also helpful to recognize your old files to make an appropriate place for them. You may also need resources to add your present and future files to it.

Use Apps to Organize Your Finances

Finances and taxes are one the most difficult task to maintain properly for freelancers. You should keep invoices, 1099sequivalent tax, or receipts in a safe place so you don’t have suffered any complications.

We highly recommend you install accounting and tax software on your computer system. It will be necessary when your business starts to scale. This software will help to keep your records for future needs.

These apps also maintain your finance so you don’t have to waste your time and energy on this.

H&R Block

This software is a popular tax software solution that let freelancers' accounts safe in its system. It provides a maximum refund. It allows you to submit your taxes without giving you a headache.

You also can organize contracts, freelance, gig work, and many other works.


“Freshbooks” is accounting software that helps in maintaining payments, invoices, time tracking, and project management capabilities. Here you can update receipts, and let the tool automatically capture necessary details.

Revamp your portfolio

An online portfolio is a collection of your work to show your client to get the best offered to them. As you grow you need to change your portfolio and upgrade it from time to time. Try to revamp your online portfolio in spring cleaning. Following are the points on How to update your portfolio over time.

Showcase Your Best Portfolio

Look back to your portfolio and list your best work as an online portfolio to get attracts your clients to it. This could be articles for writers, graphics for a graphic designer, or web applications for web designers to manage your new and unique portfolio.

Results of the Projects

Mention your work in the portfolio. You had faced many problems during submitting o working on projects. You can add your story about what difficulties you have faced at work and how you overcome it.


When you submitted your work try to ask for feedback on your project. It is helpful to get more clients. This feedback is a rating and review shown on your profile.