Freelancing is the best career option to work from home in your comfort. Two types of freelancers are getting six figures from their projects and other freelancers are not getting enough money. They are struggling to find work.

So what’s the difference between a freelancer whose business is successfully running fast and a freelancer who has no idea what the future will bring?

Successful freelancers know how to overcome problems and headaches. And fresher had no idea how to deal with problems.

 So this article will teach you how to overcome the problems and what problems you are going to suffer.

Mentioned below are the most common headaches freelancer deals with

No idea where the next project is coming from

Many freelancers have no idea when and where they will get the next project from the clients. It is happening because they have no clue how to start to get clients. They have no communication skills and confidence to talk to someone.

This can become your anxiety and you will never solve this issue.


Well, you know what the problem you are suffering from is.  The best way to erase anxiety and nervousness is through practice. You have to practice talking to the clients. Once you have learned your fear of communication will be vanished.

 Get some confidences talking to your friends who will act like your clients. It is good to learn communication skills and make you confident.

Optimize your fiver gigs for more exposure and projects. Start conversation directly with the clients. A successful freelancer never waits for the client to come to them they go out and get it for themselves.

Battling the feast/feminine revenue cycle

You do not have any clue where your next job is coming from, the ever-persistent issues of the famine/feat cycle.

The problem: you have few works and revenue this month so the thing is going smoothly. But the problem will occur next month when you have no work to generate revenue. Through this, you are suffering from fatigue.


Whenever this problem occurs, start selling yourself. Yeah, that’s the best solution to work in continue even if you have a lot of work to do get another one. Never stop promoting your Workdeed profile on social media.

The biggest mistake you are making is to not worry about the sales and relax with having one project instead of utilizing your time to acquire maximum projects.

Struggling with burnout and work fatigue

For freelancers who are running their business fatigue and burnout are genuine issues. Sometimes freelance business takes their relationships for granted and thus this will affect them a lot. They are not giving a lot of time to their families or relatives which also affects them the most.


You are not alone in this. If you feel this hectic so hire a freelancer for an extra hand. But do not suffer in this alone and struggle with burnout and work fatigue.

Not getting paid by clients

Well, it can be possible that your client is not giving money for your work project. You started panicking in this situation. It is the biggest headache not getting paid.

It depends on your livelihood whenever you complete projects it should be mentioned in the portfolio.


Getting yourself paid you to need to maintain your portfolio better. The clients pay when they found freelancers are worthy and deserve money.

If you have that ability and the client is not paying your money, you can complain it on Workdeed to solve your problem.