Augmented Reality is an integrated technology that is a game-changer in the entertainment and manufacturing industries. It stands as an integral part of modern life that changes people's lives fully with some technology.

In this modern world, technology is the effective source of living a life of a fantasy world where the work completes faster than the traditional era. We are only crazy about the videos and photos but Augmented Reality is beyond our happiness. Get to know, what is AR and how it is being used for?

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

It is a technology that layers computer-generated imagery onto the real world. Augmented Reality is an enhanced version, that is, telecast the use of digital visual elements such as sounds, videos, and other sensory stimuli delivered via technology. It is similar via videos and images but with the real part of the world. Using a Smartphone, we find various types of videos that are already recorded from other devices but augmented reality shows live videos with animation that looks real. You can talk, walk and travel with this.

AR is distinct from Virtual Reality (VR) which makes an entirely artificial world. It is making the user feel they are immersed in that environment. In this case, an environment perceives via a device known as a headset or helmet. Wearing that helmet, you can feel virtual Reality but augmented Reality is different.

AR is going trend among youngsters who are fond of Smartphone. Companies are taking advantage of this craziness and are much involved in mobile computing.

Understand this with a suitable example, suppose opening your Smartphone camera and seeing your bedroom with a digital elephant covered in an image that looks like a real animal is sitting live on the floor. This is how it works and forces you to see Augmented Reality that is not real but fake.

This may be used for every type of field such as entertainment, tourism, education, healthcare, retail, and many more. You have almost seen AR in action already if you like to binge-watch sports. Also, if you run your Smartphone, you have seen AR. Snapchat, Hololens, and Google Glass are perfect examples of Augmented Reality.

In today’s world, Specialized augmented reality apps, and integrated applications are found in glut. Following are the real-world AR examples.


Games are already enhanced with Augmented Reality and are based entirely on this technology. Pokémon Go is a 2016 augmented reality mobile game. While playing this game, players travel around their real world to find the virtual animated Pokémon character and catch them to score. This game is based on the Pokémon anime series, where four people adventurously travel to the world and find Pokémon to win a battle from it. These Pokémon characters look like animals and with some fighting power.

The same theme is applied in this game to play Pokémon Go. Augmented Reality shows the character around your area with the help of augmented Reality, and you give some features to catch them in your Smartphone to score high.

Another game is 'Real strike' an AR first-person shooter game. This is also available in cell phones that superimpose targets, enemies, and weapons on the phone with the help of a camera.


AR is helpful for the students to make it easier for them. It enhances the learning experience and provides study material so they can engage with it. Photomath app lets students scan tricky and tough math problems that solve the equation with explanation, speeding up the process of learning.  

Social media and web meetings

The ubiquitous filters are available on social media platforms, and they provide web meetings from them too. Instagram, TikTok, zoom, and Google Duo are the amazing apps that allow users to organize a meeting and insert funny faces, peaceful backgrounds, and animated characters on the screen in real-time while chatting or video calling.


It is used in complex manufacturing situations to speed up manual work. Augmented Reality helps to improve accuracy in critical situations. It allows manufacturers to access manual processes and self-regulated data at the same time. This technology is used to measure the variety of changes and identify unsafe working areas.    

If you have got an idea of what Augmented Reality is and how it works, you can start your augmented reality app by getting the help of freelance web developers who can help you make your AR vision a reality.