Graphic design is the visual communication method to transmit a specific message to social groups. It is the practice of composing and arranging creative and unique designs. Examples of graphic designs are creating a poster for theatre performance, designing a logo to represent the company, or designing for packaging products.

Graphic designers are the reason behind creating beautiful and unique posters, logos, layouts, and many more designs. Graphic designers apply elements that are shapes, colors, images, typography, and many more.  Without graphic designers, there is no scope for graphic designs, and visual communication will completely shut down.

Graphic designs are informative and attractive to gain knowledge, so people pay attention for a few seconds. People are crazy about graphic designs because these 2D and 3D methods are unique and alluring.

Graphic designers' responsibility

The first thing that a graphic designer notices while creating a design is to study the design brief and determine requirements.

The second one is to apply strategies to engage target audiences.

Find out the software in which the design will become great and smooth.

Create designs using Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc.

They Select colors, shapes, texts, and fonts for creating logos, magazines, social media posts, reports, newspapers layout, etc.

Make drafts for clients' review

They collaborate with team members such as sales, advertising, marketing, and business operations.

Rechecking the design for errors so they will not be printed or published without any correction

Update designs according to the trends and make them trendy.

The above processes to create designs are not easy, and take lots of time and energy. Hence, there are various types of graphic design applications have launched to create design easily and fast. It is the fastest way to create clients’ designs.

Mobile phone editing apps are easy to operate. If you are interested to design logos, magazines, posters, or any visual designs and don’t know Photoshop, CorelDraw, or illustrator, your mobile phone can edit any type of design.

How to verify the right app?

Figure out the task: before getting an application, it is better to clear understanding of what you need software for that will help you shorten your search and identity the best option.

Budget-friendly: most application offers free tools to use but they also offer a package deal for $30 a month. The more advanced tools are rated higher.

Consider advance skill: it is necessary to provide desired results of designs. If an application has no advanced feature or skill level, it will be wasted to download on your phone.

The credibility of vendor: using a credible vendor can help you save time and money.

5 Applications to create designs


Free vector graphics editor helps to generate designs fast and easily. It provides simple features but a powerful cross-platform that brings your design into reality. If you have no idea how to operate it, you can watch the Vectr tutorial on YouTube.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop elements are basic but still generous. It is the best and most popular application which can download on PC and Android phones for free. It is offering its newest version where the tools are fantastic and the latest to draw logo designs.

Adobe has recently introduced AI tools that help to remove background in a second. Where removing background needs green shade curtains and chroma key to edit it, with the help of AI tool erase the background.


Canva free design tool used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, etc. helps to adjust the size, crop, adding effects, images, and many more features. Canva logo is the best to make in.


Photoscape editing for beginners is the best. With a range and filter effects, a designer can use this for free image editing software to generate better image pixels.

Affinity Designer

It is affordable software to design graphics. It has all the cool functionalities of illustrator additionally it offers dozens of designs to edit.

All the software and applications make designers' life better, easy, and more convenient. You do not have to exhaust yourself while creating casual logos, posters, or magazine covers. With the help of these, the work will perform fast and forwardly.