Making content is like how you use your things on the daily basis. It’s like brushing your teeth every day or a new change of clothes every day. Creating content every day is the same. It doesn’t mean you need to create content for your clients, you need to maintain your social media and YouTube channels for daily use.

Posting any type of content is necessary to grow your account and don’t let that take a backseat. Rather than you have your personal and professional work too to maintain in your daily lifestyle but how much it can take time more than 5 minutes to put a story of your life on social media.

So, get in the habit of creating content every day. Below mentioned points help you to create content every day.

When you wake up, post on social media

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? You pick your phone first right? So, put a story of the good morning if you don’t have any idea what to post. Make it a daily habit and try to make it unique every time. Unique posts always attract people the most.

I have been doing the same for two years and now I have 12k followers without any ad posts. It’s organic growth of followers and still growing.  I prefer to put stories to entertain my followers, you have to do the same.

You have to focus on your all social media accounts to create amazing content. The point is when you post something small it attracts your followers daily. Instagram is one of the best social media platforms where reels are also available. It is the best thing where you can post a video with minimum time.

YouTube short

YouTube shorts are one of the amazing things on YouTube where you can create short content to share knowledge. It doesn’t take a lot of time to view and also it grabs a lot of attention. Before shorts, you have to upload lengthy videos on YouTube that are seen by a minimum of people who has a lot of free time. Because busy people can’t watch 7 to 8-minute videos.

YouTube shorts made people's life easier. It is 15 seconds of video to share less information with unique content for YouTube. You can make a habit to share 15 seconds or less than 15 seconds of video to engage your subscribers on YouTube.

Well, YouTube content ideas are not easy but YouTube shorts made it easy. You do not have to suffer a lot in search of content. You can share your thoughts, opinions, views, and many ideas in shorts. It is also helpful to put the story on Instagram or make it a GIF on Twitter.

These short videos can share on any social media platform to engage your target people.

Focus on content

YouTube and Instagram are one of the trending applications that grab maximum people’s attention. When you work for your clients, you never think about your passion and personal life. Make a habit of focusing on content behind the scenes that drives your personal goals and passion.

It is also important to upgrade your IG account to engage maximum people. Writing blogs or making short content is also helpful to create content.


Making a habit is not as easy as you think you have to work with consistency. When you make a habit of content creation every day, it helps to maximize your followers and subscribers. Well, you join with Workdeed to hone your content creation.  You can arrange various gig packages that help to find maximum clients.