If your stress level soaring through the roof with too many assignments, you can hire freelancers from Workdeed to complete tons of assignments. From graphic designing to writing or from marketing to programming, everything is available here. You can hire as per your demand.

But hiring a freelancer for your work is not as easy as you think. Freelancers can save you lots of time, but how you choose your best freelance and how to hire them easily is the hard part. You have to agree with their terms and condition for work and decide for payment method. 

Here are the 5 steps to consider

Determine the scope of your project

While hiring a freelancer, you have to make your decision about the project and what type of freelancers you need for the project. Create a clear expectation and milestone about what tasks freelancers can do in minimum time. Also, determine the budget to hire professional freelancers. This can make a clear decision on whom to choose for your projects.

Vet your freelancers

Most freelancers use their resumes from that you can check their qualifications and expertise. Also, you can check out their portfolio, where they created their all designs and blogs. It is the easiest way to hire freelancers for your projects.

You can check their past clients of theirs to see if they would recommend them. You can see their reviews and ratings given by past clients. If the ratings and reviews are good you can hire them.

Put your agreement in writing

Hiring freelancers is different than hiring an employee. An employee doesn’t need contract papers to work in any firm. While working with freelancers, both parties have to agree on expectations and deadlines.

 When you hire a freelancer for any type of work you need the terms you agree on in writing. It is important to work safely and make clear descriptions and decide if you want a non-disclosure agreement for sensitive content.

You may also bestow your freelancer with a Form W-9 to clarify that you and your freelancer are legally compliant with the IRS agreement. It is relevant to hire a freelancer with a legal agreement, so further you will get stuck in any complicated situation.

Setup payment terms

When you decide with whom you want to work, your next query should be about how you will pay a freelancer. Some freelancers like to get money online from third parties like Paytm, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Other freelancers may like direct deposits to their banks or they allow you to pay through a credit card. Whatever the payment schedule, you have to make sure what type of payment transaction your freelancer are agree with. Be clear on the payment method and time frame to avoid confusion and late payments.

Before hiring a freelancer, keep in mind that some freelancers like advance payment and some may ask for the extra fee for late payment. Also, you ask for a receipt or invoice after the payment.

Learn and adjust

Working with freelancers may be an achievement to learn something from them and grow you. It is the opportunity to upgrade you and make yourself better than before. When describing your work to a freelancer, you gain the skill to teach something and also get knowledge of something.

Before hiring and paying a freelancer, keep in mind all the above-mentioned points. When you hired a freelancer, pay them as per your terms and make your relationship better with great collaboration.