If you are willing to increase your company’s revenue and scale in the foreseeable future, it’s necessary to have a diverse and robust tech stack.

Business analytics tools can provide you with actionable insights to modify and revamp your business by helping you to make informed business decisions. Whether it’s a small, medium, or large business it’s important to take advantage of data tools right away. Also, these business analytics tools or software are more accessible these days.

In India, people are starting their businesses instead of doing jobs for some firms or multinational companies. While running your business, the business analytics tool helps you to do improvements in your business if the ranking or ratio is going down and not growing as other businesses growing.

In this guide, you will find the top business analytics tools by which you can collect data, analyze data and improve data into reports. But before knowing its features, let's discuss what business analytics is and how it works.

Business analytics tools

Business analytics is also known as BI (business intelligence) tools and analytics software, and they are similar to each other a little bit. While using these business analytics tools, you will know their features and work process.

The use of business analytics tools is to provide brilliance and valuable insights by analyzing data of your business. Some data include key performance indicator measurement, business health planning, sales, data, and risk assessment to provide you with more strategies to expand your business.

Business analytics tools are also helpful to retrieve your data and present it in real-time. Empower your business to find trends to move towards advanced reporting and identify the problem that occurs in the business, like supply chain issues.

5 top business analytics tools


It is the top beneficial business analytics tool that can help to manage data sets, and visualize data without any need for IT specialists for the analysis. It is helpful to retrieve your business data from the sales force, Adwords, and Google analytics to join the data and create an analytics report for the improvements.

It is recognized as a leading cloud analytics platform that collects data from all your sources and unifies them into a single repository. It uses the R analytics programming language to code and acquires information automatically. It allows you to access analytics data from anywhere.


Tableau is one of the most popular business analytics tools and is a BI platform to analyze and visualize data at ease. It currently supports data inputs from Google analytics, MS Excel, MS SQL, Oracle, and Salesforce.

It is a free platform to analyze and collect information or data about your business. Tableau supports powerful data discovery and exploration to enable a user answers to their questions in seconds. It is a cloud-based version and a local version of the platform.

Google analytics

There is no surprise that Google has its own set of business analytics and business intelligence tools. It allows you to track business performance online, measuring website metrics, and social media data.

It has also the same feature to analyze and visualize data to improve business quality. It is available with high quality and attractive features. It works faster than other business analytics and provides premium membership.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel analytics is the most adorable and commonly used piece of software in the world. It is often used by the IT industry to input and store the data of any business. Whether you are a small or large business, Excel can be vital for collecting data and sharing through reporting tools.

SAP business intelligence

SAP business analytics tool provides advanced insights to retrieve data automatically. Within a single platform, it can enable machine learning, help with business planning and provide you with business intelligence predictive analytics to improve business.

It is an advanced business analytics tool, and complicated to perform business analysis on this platform.

Wrap it up

Business analytics tools retrieve and analyze data to make your business better and solid. It helps you make informed business decisions and improve your bottom line. If you have still any issues to run your business, you can hire a professional data analyst to guide you and help expand your business.