While promoting business Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads are the main keys to advertising business also known as paid media. Social media marketing is grabbing its area all over the internet to promote the brand, product, and services.

If you have a business and need to promote it to expand globally, social media marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies to promote business globally. Social media marketing includes Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other various social media platforms. These social media platforms are engaging and attractive to gain traffic globally.

Hence, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads are the best way to advertise on these platforms but do you want to know which one is the better to gain traffic and easy to run. In this article, you will know the pros and cons of Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. However, a head-to-head comparison between them and who wins the combat is still a doubt.

Before getting stuck into the difference, let’s get to know what Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads are.

What is a Google ad?

Google ads are also known as Google AdWords. It is a pay-per-click (PPC) digital marketing strategy that includes YouTube a big engaging platform. These ads appear in the search results on Google, and also it can be shown on other websites through Google’s search partners or display network. It allows advertisers to show their business’s ads to users who are actively searching for the products that they want to buy, it offers the same searching product.

What are Facebook ads?

In the same pattern as Google ads, Facebook ads show on Facebook with paid ads. Facebook ads can appear on different places such as Facebook newsfeed, Instagram Newsfeed, Facebook marketplace, Messenger Box, and video Feeds. Facebook is a highly competitive platform over the years, with the highest amount of monthly active users. It creates the optimal space for a variety of businesses to advertise on.

 What are Instagram ads?

Instagram ads are the same with the highest traffic gaining power and the ads shown on Instagram. It is a paid media where you have to choose the price of money to advertise your brand, product, or service on the Instagram platform.

4 reasons how Facebook and Instagram ads effective than Google ads


The first and major point is the cost per click. In Google ads, people search for the product that they want to buy, and the advertiser arranges an ad search link so the people will click on the first rank link. Each click is paid and expensive.

Some resources are available for benchmarking, like the Ad stage. The benchmarks for Q1 through Q4. It is a big organization that handles billions of users so the demand for paid ads is also high.

Facebook ads are much lesser than Google ads.  It is cost-effective paid media runs ads on stories and posts to the people who are looking for the product to buy. The cost is not much high as Google search ads have.

Ease of use

Google ads are super easy to operate because the dashboard is easy to understand what you are looking at. It’s an express version, not an advanced version of Google ad is a lot more difficult to understand.

Facebook is also easy to learn to run where you have an ad manager by you which you can run ads. Advanced and simplified versions both are equal no need to confuse and irritate.

Reach and targeting ability

Facebook ads are the most impactful for the paid media strategies. It allows targeting the people according to their behaviors and interests. Here you can target your audience with the best reachability. If any user saved a post related to the product you have, you can target, if a user has interacted through a direct message in demand of the same product user can target that user for the same, and if a user has liked or commented on the post, you can target that user, and if a user visits the related site or page, you can target the user.  

In the Google search ad, you can only target the audience who searches for the product only on Google, which makes it less engaging power than Facebook and Instagram. It allows you to target a specific audience's gender, age location, and income level.


The power of engagement traffic is the most necessary part of using social media strategy or running ads. The engagement click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate is the new trend to get traffic.

Goggle ads engaging power is lesser than Facebook and Instagram ads, where the video, meme, post, and audio can become the engagement.


With this article, you are aware of which one is more effective in paid media. But still, all of them are important to engage people with your brands. So Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads all are equally participating and competitive platforms themselves.