After banning TikTok, India has launched its own social media platform act like TikTok to entertain people with short period videos. Moj is one of the best apps getting lots of popularity within a short period. Plenty of traffic is running the Moj app regularly and spending a lot of precious time on this APP.

It is the best opportunity to make yourself famous on Moj and get lots of followers to generate money. If you are a content creator and want to make millions of money by becoming a famous personality, Moj is the best way to fulfill your dreams.

Moj is the newest leading social media platform creating short videos to entertain busy scheduled people who can get information within a minute. It is an Indian APP for smartphones and apple also used by foreigners to watch short videos such as dancing videos, lip sing videos, socialistic thoughts videos, and many more.

 Over 160 million creator communities with the 15 Indian languages are using Moj APP. The content creators have the best opportunity to engage people with their talent, but what about the people who have no idea how to create content and make a profile on Moj? This article is for the people, who are keen to create content and present their talent to the audience. But first, you should know about the Moj app and how it reacts.

What is Moj, and how does it operate?

Moj is an Indian APP for Short videos entertaining audiences of Moj. It has been launched in July 2020 when the Indian government banned TikTok. It is a hot new stage to share flaming talent to influence the world.

You can operate it easily. Only you have to register yourself on this platform with a real ID. Download this app on your Smartphone from Playstore. Fill out the form and details such as your name, phone number, Gmail ID, age, and gender. After downloading your APP, you need to follow your favorite ones on this. Search your friends, celebs, and colleagues, and send a friend request to them later, you have got lots of followers, and now you can start scrolling to watch short video content on Moj.

If you want to create your short video, you have to follow the following instructions:

Decide your content

Write an informal script for the content

Start shooting the video

Edit the noisy part

Go to the uploading section and put your video there

Write a caption and describe your content in short

Upload it when you are ready to upload

Now your video has been uploaded and your target audience will watch it. Well, it is the new social media platform for the short video so you can get maximum traffic on your profile. Now it’s time to monetize your profile.

How to earn money from Moj APP


 It is the best way to generate money on Moj App by promoting other company brands to the different social media platforms using online marketing. If you have plenty of likes and followers on Moj's profile, you can start marketing their brand, product, and organization. Companies run their ad campaign for brand awareness. They contact influencers for the brand promotion in return for paying money.


It is an act of supporting an event, organization, and brand financially.  When you have lots of followers and likes on your account, you can start sponsorship of other products in return for money. It is the best way to generate money without exhausting yourself for the money. Grab the client and deal with them correctly to perform sponsorship.

Affiliate marketing

It is an advertising model where a company compensates the third-party publisher to generate traffic and get leads to the company’s services and products. You can start affiliate marketing to market the company’s services with the given link. They will pay you for this with a huge amount. But do not take it casually they have terms and conditions to promote their products and services. If you do not follow the instructions carefully, they can sue you for this.


Collaboration is the part of an act where you can collaborate with a small group or an individual content creator so, their popularity will rise. Influencers pay for the collaboration in their content for a minute so their account can also get the same target audience that you have.  

Start searching for the people who want to collaborate with you and pay a good amount. It is not necessary that collaborating in a group is only on Moj; you can search for them on different platforms where the target audience is the same.

Wrap it up 

Moj is the new platform, so it is the best time for you to become an influencer. At the start, you may not get enough followers and likes but when you consistently work on your profile, more and more followers will follow you. If you still having problems getting lots of followers, you can start your ad campaign on different social media platforms.

Create an account on Moj and start earning money by following your passion to become an influencer. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and fulfill your dreams.