The 9 best sites for creating your animation

Animation is the new art in the digital world. In this period, most people prefer to watch animated series or movies more than normal human character movies and series. It is a dynamic change in the entertainment world.

Animation character looks funny and attractive and even lovable to watch them. The story of animated series and movies is also an epic view to show to the public. Children are also interested to watch animated characters.

Creating animation is not an easy task it takes a lot of time and energy. Creating every time a special and unique character can blow your mind. You can’t run the same animated character for every movie and series. It is a great income source to create an animated character and earn lots of money.

Animations are fun, engaging, and humorous and appeal to people from all backgrounds generously.  These are the reasons that make them a great tool for connecting with your audience. Animations can make traditionally dull topics more interesting or turn a trending topic into more engaging content.

But the question arises here how would you create an animated character that wins attention, engage an audience, and build trust?

In the past few years, animations started ruling the world and grabbing people’s attention the most. At the start, it is hard to create an animated character in motion. Later one-by-one applications and software  introduced that can create smooth and clear 3D & 2D animation.

Here are the top picks for the best animation sites that help to create your animation.


If you can’t afford a professional animator or graphic designer to create an animation Animaker will help you to create animation by yourself. You do not have to learn graphic design to generate your animation. You can create it on your own.  

 With Animaker you can create 2D and 3D animation, infographics, videos, typography videos, whiteboard videos, GIFs, handcraft videos, and so on. It has 90 templates to create killer and epic animation, and various pricing plans are more killer templates. At the start, you can create animation for free and get up to five video downloads.

If you are interested to create an animation you should sign up for Animaker or choose one premium plan to get more unique features.


This site is offering you to create your animation in no time. The visual communication platform has unlimited templates to create fully customized, professional animation, and videos. With these templates, you can edit and modify it as you want your animation, or you can use it as it is. Customize with audio, videos, soundtracks, footage, and images to bring your vision to life.


Animatron is also offering the same services to create unique animations and infographics, images, audios, music, GIFs, and many more. Edit the templates as you want to add text, edit scenes with timeline, import photos, and embedded HTML5.

These features are free to use anytime and anywhere. You need to sign up for this, create your creativity and use it for use business or development.


Voki is different from the other sites, it helps students and teachers create and use animations for learning purposes. It provides you the courses to design your animation for free and in less time.

With this Voki, teachers can spice up learning to attract students’ attention with the animation motion pictures, increasing engagement and lesson comprehension.


 It provides you with the best options to create every time unique and higher-quality animation videos for training, marketing, presentation, and sales purposes.

Unlimited templates are available for you to design animation videos quickly along with royalty-free videos and images to enhance your content.


Another fantastic animation site to create or edit your animation is Renderforest. It also provides you the unlimited templates with a unique style and special art for free. It also offers premium membership at a reasonable price to create new animation which is not available in the market. Go and signup yourself to create animation videos, and images using audio, infographics, and many more features.


All of these templates are old in the market since animation becomes a popular theme for people. You can get all of them for free, or you can register yourself on your favorite site for free. If you want fantastic and adorable 3D & 2D animation, you can hire a freelance graphic designer on Workdeed.

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