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How Workdeed works… For you

There's no need to go it alone when it comes to your business. Workdeed is here to help, with a range of outsourcing services that make it easy to get the help you need. Whether you need a freelancer for a specific task or you need someone to take care of a larger project, we can connect you with the perfect provider.

We know that finding the right person for the job can be difficult, so we've made it easy to search for providers by skill set, location, and more. Once you've found the perfect freelancer, you can contact them directly to get started.

At Workdeed, we're committed to making outsourcing easy and affordable for everyone. We hope you'll join us and see how outsourcing can benefit your business.

When it comes to business, some tasks are better outsourced. For everything else, Workdeed is here to help.

Workdeed is the perfect platform for businesses of all sizes and industries. We offer a variety of outsourcing services, from finding a freelancer to getting deliveries to your doorstep. Our team is dedicated to providing quality service and making the outsourcing process as easy as possible for you.

Here are the steps to success when using Workdeed:

1. Search. Your business needs it, our freelancers can make it. With advanced search options, getting what you want just got a lot easier.

2. Contact your chosen seller to share your requirements and get the right results.

3. Review proposals and find the perfect freelancer for your project.

4. Relax and let us take care of the rest. We'll handle communication with the freelancer, delivery of the project, and more.

Looking to outsource a project? Workdeed is the perfect solution. From finding a freelancer to getting deliveries to your virtual doorstep, we’ll walk you through the steps to success.


Services And Benefits To The Workdeed’s Buyer

Payments are protected by your delivery approval

Request a custom order from a seller for your unique needs.

24/7 Customer support is always here to help

Check Workdeed’s exclusive seller badges for quality assurance.

Subscribe to a seller’s service for ongoing success.

Time frames & project prices are pre-set with sellers

Get inspired by our most in-demand categories

Expert service, hassle-free

Top-selling services

Connect your team activity on Workdeed Business.

Use Workdeed’s app to keep up with your work, the on-the-go.






How can I trust sellers? Are there disclosures?

When you work with a freelancer on Workdeed, you can trust that they have agreed to our Terms of Service. This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties and all freelancers must accept these terms before joining our platform.

We're committed to creating a safe and trustworthy environment for both freelancers and clients, and we hope you'll find our platform helpful in finding the perfect freelancer for your next project.

We want you to feel confident about working with freelancers on Workdeed. Just like you, every freelancer has to accept the Workdeed Terms of Service when joining our platform. This protects both you and the freelancer by setting out the terms of the agreement between you.

This way, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page and that both you and the freelancer know what is expected of them. We take our role as a trusted intermediary very seriously, and we're happy to help you protect your intellectual property and other confidential information.

Workdeed is a safe and secure platform for freelancers and businesses to connect and do business. We take data security and privacy seriously and have several measures in place to protect both freelancers and businesses.

We also recommend that you check out a freelancer's profile before hiring them. This will give you a good idea of their experience and what they're capable of.

Are there any safety measures I need to take with sellers (before and after placing my order)? 

Workdeed releases the payment only when your order is completed. Also, we suggest you not share your personal contact information, and communicate through external platforms.

What should I do if I have issues with a seller mid-order? 

If you are having issues with the seller before the project completion, we are always here to help you. However, we suggest you sort the differences directly with the seller.

What if I am not satisfied with the seller? 

If you are not satisfied with the seller’s performance on the specific gig, you can cancel the order and withdraw the payment.

What do levels indicate?

Levels are the quality indicator on Workdeed. They represent the total number of orders that have been delivered with quality from a freelancer.

Level 1: Completed at least 10 orders meeting deadlines with a minimum 4.7 rating

Level 2: Completed at least 50 orders meeting deadlines with a minimum 4.7 rating

Top-Rated Seller: Completed at least 100 orders meeting deadlines with a minimum 4.7 rating and met Workdeed internal quality factors

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