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Our Policies

Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, Pricing & Promotion Policy.



You are restricted to offer direct payments to Sellers using other payment systems except from the Workdeed platform.

Workdeed has all the right to use these publicly published delivered gigs for the purpose of marketing and promotion.

Buyers can also ask for specific service using Post a Request feature. All the services requested on platform must have a Workdeed category. Workdeed Users can get banned from using Post a Request feature on Workdeed.


Please read Payment Terms carefully before making Payments using Workdeed platform. Make sure to have knowledge about fees and taxes.

Also, Buyers can ask for Custom Order mentioning the Buyer requirements.

You are prohibited to pay Sellers using any method other than the Workdeed.com site. If seller is constantly asking you for an alternative payment method, you need to report it immediately to Workdeed Customer Support.



Your order will get a unique Workdeed order number (#FO) after payment confirmation.

Sellers must deliver completed files in the context of service that was advertised and purchased on their Gig.

The Deliver Work button on the Workdeed should not be abused by Sellers to circumvent Order guidelines. Using the “Deliver Work” button without completing the gig leads to cancellation of the Order. It also affect the Seller’s rating.

An Order will be considered complete when it is accepted by a Buyer. An Order will be also considered Complete if not accepted and no modification request was submitted within 3 days after the Order was marked Delivered.

We encourage Buyers and Sellers to settle their conflicts themselves. By any reason this fails or if you encounter non-permitted usage on Workdeed, you have the Customer Support department as well. For more information related to disputes, refunds and Order cancellations, please read our Payment Terms.

A milestone is marked as Complete after it is accepted by the Buyer. A milestone will be considered complete if no acceptance or modification request were submitted within 8 days, however, if the Order is cancelled or stopped the projects ends.

After the acceptance of milestone, Buyers either continue and pay for the next milestone, or cancel the order. If Buyer doesn’t make the payment for the next milestone within 10 days, the the next milestones will not start. If you stop the future milestones, still you need to make the payment of ordered milestone.

Buyers can purchase a Gig Subscription from the sellers. During the Gig Subscription, a new Gig will be automatically created regularly, considering the agreement of Buyer and Seller. With the purchase a Gig Subscription, you will get automatically charge you for all the Gigs under Gig Subscription. The amount will be deducted from your Workdeed Balance or your preferred saved payment method.

If you don’t maintain Workdeed Balance, you will receive payment method approval before the payment of the next Order. If the payment is not processed, for any reason, the Orders will be cancelled. Buyer has the option to also cancel future Orders before making payment. After payment, Workdeed’s Order Cancelation policy will apply for justification. Sellers can also cancel future Orders 10 days before the next consecutive Order.

Certain Gigs specially the one that offer local services require Buyers and Sellers to know each other better. If this is the case, Workdeed does not guarantee the conduct, behavior, suitability, safety, or ability of both the parties. Both Sellers and Buyers agree that the entire risk arising because of the meeting or issues related to work.

Workdeed has no liability or responsibility about any local services as well. Buyers should have proper insurance policies to cover their liability. Workdeed’s Terms of Service and Community Standards remain applicable to gigs performed outside the marketplace.

Handling Orders

When a Buyer orders a Gig, the Seller gets notification by email and on website’s dashboard as well.

Sellers should meet the deadlines for the completion of the gigs. Failing to do so might harm the Seller's status and lead to cancelation of orders.

Sellers need to send completed files and/or proof of work with the help of Deliver Completed Work button.

If system of any parties damaged due to viruses or malware, it is users fault. Workdeed is not responsible for any damages occur due to use of content, site usage, or files transferred.

Buyers have the option to use the "Request Revisions" feature on the Order Page, if the delivered materials don’t match Seller's description.



Feedback reviews by Buyers during the project work are essential for Workdeed's rating system. Reviews speak the quality of work provided by Sellers and their service. Buyers can communicate with Seller regarding any concerns about the active order in about the services by Seller.

Feedback reviews will stick to the profile until there are violations of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Standards.

To prevent the misuse of Workdeed’s Feedback system, all feedback reviews comes from legitimate sales that happened exclusively on the Workdeed platform. Purchases arranged, to improve Seller ratings, or to abuse Workdeed platform will lead to permanent suspension.

Feedback comments by Buyers are displayed on a Seller’s Gig page.

Work Samples are the documents sent to a Buyer in the chatbox. Work Samples are added to a Seller's Portfolio on their Gig page only if Buyer provides a public feedback review.

Withholding the delivery of files, services, or information to complete the Gig’s service to gain favorable reviews is prohibited.

Posting a review: Once gig is completed, the Buyer needs to respond in three days. If there is no response, the gig is considered completed.

Users are allowed to leave reviews on gigs within 10 days after an Order is considered complete. No new reviews are added after 10 days.

Sellers may not ask for the removal of feedback reviews even with the mutual cancellations.

Once the Buyer submits his/her review, the Seller gets a notification. Once both Buyer and Seller have completed their reviews, or after 10 days, all posted reviews are made public.

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