Trust & Safety

Trust Matters Most

Trust is important especially if we are handling millions of people.

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The platform with millions of Freelancers who provide professional services.

Feedback and reputation are essential for freelancers. With seller levels, ratings, and buyer feedback, it is quite simple to compare, review, and purchase the services you need.


Seller Ratings

Buyers can rate the sellers on the basis of their services. It further helps to build the trust factor.

Buyer Feedback

There’s full transparency. Buyers can also drop their experience working with sellers.

Seller Levels

We have various seller levels to maintain strong ratings and offer high-quality services to clients. Seller levels also work as the level of status for the freelancers.


Buy And Sell, Worry-Free

The company is getting millions of hits in a day. Your data and profiles are safe and secure with us.

Personal Details

Your personal information is secure with us. We value your privacy and never share your details with third parties.

Safe Payments

We advise you to have a safe payment option by using the Workdeed Platform. You can either use a wallet or also save your debit card, credit card for the payment.

Secure Communications

You can share documents, images, and videos having safe and secure communication options. We offer an end-to-end encrypted chat box for communication.

A skilled team is always here to help you. Workdeed customer support always listens and assist in your problem.

We're here to help with any issues you may have, with a friendly customer support team at your service 24/7.

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